Timothy Bliefnick And The Time-Honored Question: “Why Don’t They Just Get Divorced?”

Plus: dumb-ass Google searches.

Ted Bauer
4 min readJun 2


Timothy Bliefnick just got convicted of his wife’s murder (that’s them, above, with their three kids) in a case that seemingly went to trial and got a conviction pretty quickly. This case had all the hallmarks of “something the media would be interested in,” including:

  • White, attractive family
  • Children involved
  • A pop culture hook

What’s that pop culture hook, you ask? Bliefnick was on Family Feud a few years back and my main man Steve Harvey asked him, “What’s something you regret from your wedding night?” He said, “Saying I do.” Jesus Christ! And now he’s going away for a while (sentencing isn’t for a second) for killing his wife. Here’s that clip:

He kinda trips over his words on the answer, too. “Not my mistake.” It’s clear he probably hates his wife, yet still had three kids with her. Go figure on that one.

This case again proves husband-killers are morons

Classic stuff in this one, including:

  • He Googled stuff about “homemade silencers” and “Quincy Illinois police response times.”
  • He Googled stuff about what his Whoop wearable would track, and then essentially the only time across three months that he wasn’t wearing his Whoop was when the murders happened.
  • Becky, the wife (deceased), had texted her sister that “If anything ever happens to me, it’s Tim…”

Here’s the sister and the prosecutor who got the conviction on NewsNation:



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