This is why you hate your boss (scientifically, mind you)

Ted Bauer
6 min readAug 31, 2021

“I hate my boss.”

If I had to guess at the most-said phrase at happy hours around the world — but especially in the United States — I’d auger these are the top three:

  • “Another one? Sure, why not?”
  • “I hate my boss.”
  • “Have you been to that new hipster cheese shop that’s also a distillery?”

I’m probably wrong on №3, but I’m not wrong on №1 and №2. I’ve been to maybe 19,000 happy hours in my life, and “I hate my boss” comes up a lot. This isn’t a surprising fact. The employee-manager relationship is somewhat doomed from the start in many cases, and it doesn’t help when stats like these exist:

All these are problems. You can’t sugar-coat it. So if you’ve ever uttered “I hate my boss,” I’m with you. I myself have hated many a boss, and been blessed (#blessed) with a few good ones along the way too. Remember: management isn’t



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