The Vicious Cycle Of Bad Management

It explains a lot of the other problems with work, obviously.

Ted Bauer
6 min readJun 2


Stowe Boyd has a quality newsletter, and if you reference this edition:

… you will come to find this article from a MIT Technology Review professor:

I’ve also written about some of the productivity-decline numbers:

The MIT professor notes what’s inherently obvious, but still not said out loud enough:

If you want to understand why productivity is falling, we need to look first at high levels of employee turnover. If we want to solve productivity issues the first step needs to be to lower the resignation rate.

We all know well when people quit their jobs a period of unproductivity commences: bosses and colleagues need to cover the work of the person leaving, the recruitment process takes unproductive attention and new starters take months to ramp up. As Ton says, ‘high employee turnover is ruinous for productivity’.

Indeed. Let’s unpack this for a second.

Is productivity truly falling?



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