“Protecting Your Identity Becomes More Important Than Embracing The Truth”

Ain’t that the truth?

Ted Bauer
5 min readMay 31


I got that quote from this article:

Funniest thing is, I think I made out with the professor who said it back in 2002. What a cad I am.

Another person in that article then says this:

Various types of identities have become ‘stacked’ on top of people’s partisan identities. Race, religion and ideology now align with partisan identity in ways that they often didn’t in eras when the two parties were relatively heterogenous coalitions.

Would generally agree with that. Have mentioned it myself, actually:

From that same Times article, you get this:

Democrats and Republicans don’t want to bring a knife to a gunfight; they greatly overestimate how much their rivals want to break norms of nonviolent, democratic engagement, and this leads Democrats and Republicans to support violent and undemocratic engagement more than they otherwise would.

I’d agree with that too:



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