Idaho 4 Case: When We Get To Trial, What Info Do You Want To Emerge?

Six months or more away.

Ted Bauer
2 min readJan 6


We’ll have a preliminary hearing on Thursday, January 12th. We might get to trial by the summer, but there will likely be delays and strategic plays. I would guess we get to trial next fall, or maybe early 2024. Obviously there’s some information that cops already know that isn’t in the probable cause affidavit. While the defense team will eventually get everything (Brady), the prosecution doesn’t want their full strategy laid out at this moment — insofar as the prosecution even has a full strategy.

It definitely seems like the sheath buckle DNA and the hours that his cell phone were turned off will sink BK, and probably end up getting him life in prison. I could see him plead guilty during the trial and then try to do a little media tour to explain what happened. Remember: Ted Bundy, supposedly now one of this guy’s idols, did a full interview right before his death:

So, whenever we get to trial, what are you looking to learn or see? Here’s a partial list I concocted. Feel free to comment:

  1. The actual timelines.
  2. Crime scene descriptions or photos, although obviously these will be blurred out unless you seek the darkest corners of the Internet. Humans are morbidly curious creatures, though.
  3. Dylan’s answers about calling 911 and her overall context that night.
  4. Character witnesses describing how good the victims were as people.
  5. New video of the Elantra.
  6. Whether BK testifies (seems completely ridiculous, but you never know).
  7. The overall defense strategy.
  8. Whether the cops are painted as bumbling backwater types.
  9. The full DNA process that law enforcement went through.
  10. Whether others were involved.
  11. Who made the 911 call?
  12. Whether Sigma Chi guys testify.
  13. Any “last-second surprises.”

What else do you want to see?



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