Five reasons your strategy sucks (and how to, thusly, improve it)

Ted Bauer
3 min readJun 7, 2022

Sure, I’ll do that for you. I’m good like that.

The first reason your strategy sucks

It’s not aligned with execution.

What does this mean?

Easy: strategy is usually set at the top of an organization, by people who make more money and thus have more responsibility even though they are furthest from where the actual work gets done. (Huh?)

But once that strategy is set, defined, put into spreadsheets, and released … other human beings need to work on it. They need to, ahem, execute.

Those people who need to execute? They already had to-do lists, probably based on the last strategy release.

So unless you, ahem, communicate what’s now a priority … they’re just going to keep doing what they were doing.

Remember, “We’ve always done it this way” is a huge deal in most businesses.

Change is usually really hard in larger places. (It shouldn’t be, but usually is.)

As a result, you have to break any strategy into executable chunks, and show people “OK, you do this now.”

Otherwise nada is going to work.

The second reason your strategy…



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