Thanks for checking out my Medium. I mostly write for brands and individuals to make money, i.e. content marketing, content management, email marketing, all that. I've done some sales, been a bartender, and generally kick tires on anything that might be interesting or cover my bills.

I grew up in NYC but have lived any number of places. Currently I live in Fort Worth, TX. (It's different than NYC.)

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Work | Management | Leadership | Relationships | Friendships | Identity | Purpose | Sexuality | Male Infertility | Culture | Burnout | Mental Health

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These reflect a variety of different industries and verticals. I've worked across many, as both a full-time employee and a content contractor. If you need to see something specific that's not here, feel free to message me.

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Phone: 860-967-7667

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I've done some longer writing on Medium (15 minute+ reads) about some core topics in society (or at least I'd classify them as such). All those are available on this link.

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Ted Bauer

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Mostly write about work, leadership, friendship, masculinity, male infertility, and some other stuff along the way. It's a pleasure to be here.