About Me And Why You Might Subscribe To My Medium

Just the facts, ma’am.

Ted Bauer


I tried blogging a lot in early adulthood, but nothing really stuck that much, to be honest. My longest-tenured site, which still exists to this very day, was/is called The Context of Things, and was mostly ruminations on work and management. Now it’s largely screenshots.

I’ve been on Medium on and off since 2016, although I made it the main place I write in 2021. I predominantly still write about work and management, although I throw in some other societal topics, including friendships, relationships, infertility, masculinity, and sometimes true crime or politics.

Here is my Subscribe link. If you can subscribe, especially as a paid member, that really helps me out — not to mention my ability to buy fancy dog food.

You can subscribe to get my Medium writing via email, but I also send out some emails via Substack, which you can check out here.

I’ve been in and out of LinkedIn Jail for the better part of three years (long story), so don’t try to find me there.

I am on X/Twitter.

If you need help with any writing or content work professionally, here’s my resume.

You can call/text me at (860) 967–7667 or email me at tedbauer2003 (at) Gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you and talk more, friends.



Ted Bauer

Mostly write about work, leadership, friendship, masculinity, male infertility, and some other stuff along the way. It's a pleasure to be here.